Compliance Training

Vubiz provides customizable online compliance training courses that are designed to provide employees with the tools and knowledge to build a culture of compliance. Businesses looking for compliance training online should look no further. We have a comprehensive catalog of necessary training courses that are becoming increasingly important for any organization looking to meet the unique needs of operating a business in today's complex landscape. ADA and AODA compliance training courses are becoming increasingly important for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Vubiz has designed online compliance training courses that lay out the terms of compliance in a simple and easy to understand way. Corporate compliance training covers an ever growing list of subjects. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, contact Vubiz today to learn more about what we can offer. 

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U.S. Customs Compliance Online Training Course

U.S. Customs Compliance

This U.S. Customs Compliance online training course is designed for owners, managers, and employees in the business sector. This course provides a review of customs requirements for employees directly responsible for customs compliance, as well as an introduction to customs compliance for employees with an indirect role in the process.
From $13.50
Unconscious Bias Online Training Course

Unconscious Bias

This Unconscious Bias online training course is designed for all employees, supervisors and management. This course explains unconscious bias, the impact it has on the workplace, and the steps you can take to manage it and encourage diversity and inclusivity. With a better understanding of unconscious bias and where it comes from, you can take steps to resolve individual bis, and make better choices and connections.
From $24.50
Understanding Contracts and Their Use Online Training Course

Understanding Contracts and Their Use

This Understanding Contracts and Their Use online training course is designed for anyone working with contracts whether it be personal contracts or business professionals. By learning fundamental contract principles, you will be able to get what you want in business dealings and personal contracts, avoid misunderstandings and costly disputes, and achieve success in your business and personal ventures.
From $19.50
Unfair Competition Online Training Course

Unfair Competition

This Unfair Competition online training course will help you recognize situations presenting unfair competition issues and how to deal with them properly. This course will explain the purpose of unfair competition laws, identify the categories, explain the difference between infringements and misrepresentation and discuss remedies available for acts of unfair competition.
From $13.50
Whistleblowing Online Training Course


This Whistleblowing online training course was developed to help you understand the False Claims Act (FCA), its administrative remedies, and federal whistleblower protection laws. The FCA is a federal law to encourage individuals to sue on the government's behalf for fraud. The course covers the basics of the law and what you can do to stop defrauders in their tracks.
From $13.50
Workplace Bullying: Prevention and Response Online Training Course

Workplace Bullying: Prevention and Response

This Workplace Bullying: Prevention and Response online training course is designed to inform employers, managers, supervisors, and employees of their obligations and their roles in ensuring a respectful workplace that is free from bullying. This course will discuss what is and is not bullying, outline the rights and responsibilities of employers and describe steps to anticipate, prevent and respond to incidents of workplace bullying.
From $14.50
Workstation Security Online Training Course

Workstation Security

Employees have an important role to play in protecting the organization's assets. Keeping individual work areas secure is a key aspect of this responsibility. This Workstation Security online training course will provide an explanation of why workstation security is important and will review best practices for workstation security for individual employees.
From $19.50