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HR, Ethics & Compliance Training

Our extensive online training courses on HR, ethics, and compliance aim to mitigate risk by equipping your workforce with a thorough understanding of current employment policies and regulations. Our training material is regularly updated, ensuring your business meets the latest standards. 

By employing our courses, you can ensure that your organization always complies with relevant laws and regulations. Popular courses include Accessibility Standards Training, Drug-Free Workplace, and Ethics for Employees.

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Online Training Course

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

From $13.50
Fraud Awareness and Detection Online Training Course

Fraud Awareness and Detection

From $13.50
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Privacy Policy Online Training Course

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Overvie...

From $13.50
Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Online Training Course

Healthcare Fraud and Abuse

From $13.50
Hiring, Managing and Terminating Online Training Course

Hiring, Managing and Terminati...

From $14.50
How to Comply with HIPAA – A General Overview Online Training Course

How to Comply with HIPAA – A G...

From $24.50
Immigration Law Primer Online Training Course

Immigration Law Primer

From $13.50
Information Security Online Training Course

Information Security

From $24.50
Cours de formation en ligne Intimidation en milieu de travail : Prévention et intervention

Intimidation en milieu de trav...

From $14.50
Cours de formation en ligne Introduction à la protection des renseignements personnels

Introduction à la protection d...

From $49.50
Introduction to Privacy [Canada] Online Training Course

Introduction to Privacy [Canad...

From $49.50
La conformité fiscale pour les entreprises canadiennes Online Training Course

La conformité fiscale pour les...

From $13.50
La Loi antipourriel Online Training Course

La Loi antipourriel

From $34.50
Leaves and Accommodations [US] Online Training Course

Leaves and Accommodations [US]

From $24.50
Lifecycle of a Leave of Absence Online Training Course

Leaves of Absence [California]

From $47.50
Leaves of Absence Online Training Course

Leaves of Absence [US]

From $34.50
Cours de formation en ligne L'éthique chez les employés

L'éthique chez les employés

From $24.50
Loi sur la corruption d`agents publics étrangers Online Training Course

Loi sur la corruption d'agents...

From $34.50
Loi sur l`accessibilité pour les personnes handicapées de l`Ontario Online Training Course

Loi sur l'accessibilité pour l...

From $19.50
Medicare Parts C and D Compliance Training Online Training Course

Medicare Parts C and D Complia...

From $13.50
Normes d`accessibilité Online Training Course

Normes d'accessibilité

From $19.50
Ontario's Personal Health Information Protection Act Online Training Course

Ontario's Personal Health Info...

From $19.50
PCI Compliance for Retail and Service Industries Online Training  Course

PCI Compliance for Retail and ...

From $14.50
Policy Privacy Primer [US] Online Training Course

Policy Privacy Primer [US]

From $13.50
Preventing Workplace Violence Online Training Course

Preventing Workplace Violence

From $19.50