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Community Banker Compliance Certificate

The modules in the Compliance Expert Certificate program are designed to give community bankers the knowledge and skills they need to become experts in bank compliance.
From $249.50

Compliance Issues for Commercial Lenders

Commercial lending can be an important part of a bank’s lending operation. However, it is important to not overlook the regulatory concerns that can arise. This course examines how key regulations affect commercial lending.
From $20.00

Consumer Lending Fraud

Consumer lending fraud is an issue all banks need to take seriously. This course discusses consumer fraud and shows you how you can help prevent consumer lending fraud at your bank.
From $20.00

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Card based transactions are fast becoming consumers’ preferred payment method. In this course we discuss credit cards and debit cards and look at relevant rules and regulations.
From $20.00

Currency 101

This module will provide bank tellers with an overview of currency. We will discuss the different types of bill you will come across and methods to detect counterfeit currency.
From $20.00

Deposits 101

Processing deposits is one of the most important aspects of a teller’s job. In this module, we provide an overview of deposits and discuss accurately and securely processing them.
From $20.00

Elder Financial Abuse

Financial institutions play a crucial role in preventing elder financial abuse. This course examines elder financial abuse and shows you concrete methods you can use to help prevent it.
From $20.00

Ethics for Bankers

All bank employees are expected to make good decisions every day based on the organization's values and contemporary standards in business ethics. This course provides you with a solid framework for ethical decision making.
From $20.00

Executive Compensation Practices

This course looks at how and why bank directors are compensated, and how banks can establish compensation practices that are based on the principles of safety and soundness.
From $20.00

Fair Credit Reporting Act: Risk Based Pricing

Short Description: The practice of offering different credit terms based on a consumer’s credit history is a major component of modern banking. This course discusses the rules and requirements regarding risk-based pricing as outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
From $20.00

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a must-take course for anyone involved directly or indirectly with debt collection at a bank.
From $20.00
Picture of Fair Lending

Fair Lending

Get to know the Fair Lending laws! This course provides you with an overview of the Fair Housing Act, The Equal Credit Opportunity Act, The Home Mortgage Disclosures Act, and the Community Reinvestment Act.
From $20.00
Picture of FCRA: Consumer Reports

FCRA: Consumer Reports

This course looks at the rules for using consumer credit reports under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
From $20.00
Picture of FCRA: Medical Rules and Affiliate Marketing

FCRA: Medical Rules and Affiliate Marketing

This course discusses the medical rules and affiliate marketing aspects of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
From $20.00
Picture of FCRA: Using Consumer Reports and Furnishing Information

FCRA: Using Consumer Reports and Furnishing Information

The Fair Credit Reporting Act outlines specific rules banks have to follow when using consumer reports and furnishing information about consumers.
From $20.00