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Elearning for Kids Under 12

These courses are intended for children under the age of 12.

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Recognizing Depression

Learn what depression is and what to do if you think someone you know needs help.
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Renewable Energy: Solar and Wind Online Training Course

Renewable Energy: Solar and Wind

This Renewable Energy: Solar and Wind online training course explores the idea of renewable energy, and how solar and wind energy generation can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels. This course provides children with a basic understanding of what fossil fuels are, issues with their long-term use, and why solar and wind energy generation can help reduce our dependence on them.
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Save Your Energy!

Do you want to help save the planet? It’s as simple as turning off the lights!
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Picture of Sécurité électrique

Sécurité électrique

L’électricité est tout autour de nous et nous la prenons souvent pour acquise, cependant l’électricité peut être dangereuse. Ce cours enseigne les bases de la sécurité électrique.
From $3.99

Service with a Smile

New hire Jordan learns the Yard Kidz way to provide excellent customer service.
From $3.99

SMART Goals for Kids

To achieve your goals, it’s important to set the right type of goals. This lesson
From $3.99

Smart Online Shopping

Shopping online is becoming more and more popular. This lesson will give guidance on how to be smart and safe when shopping online.
From $3.99

So You Want to Start a Business!

Sam and Katie decide to start a business – and Yard Kidz is born!
From $3.99

Social Media Marketing (vuKidz)

How can you use social media to promote your business? The Yard Kidz find out!
From $3.99

Staying Safe on Two Wheels

How to get around safely on your new wheels.
From $3.99

Staying Safe Online: Messaging, Posting and Sharing

Learn how to protect yourself and other when messaging, posting and sharing words and pictures online.
From $3.99
Talking to Strangers Online Training Course

Talking to Strangers

This Talking to Strangers online training course is designed to teach children and pre-teens how to safely interact with strangers in different situations and when it is not safe to do so.
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Learn how to be a great team player!
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Learn how to measure temperature and how different temperatures affect our bodies.
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The Little Lemonade Stand

Working for Our Coins
From $3.99