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Human Resources Training

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Employee Motivation

This course gives practical suggestions for identifying group and individual motivating factors and mobilizing them to energize employees. There are tools, techniques, and methods for revitalizing the workplace and encouraging initiative in each person in order to move everyone forward.
From $19.50

Employee Performance Recognition

Learn the skills of recognizing employee performance and giving positive reinforcement as they are key elements of motivation.
From $19.50

Employment Laws and Human Resources [California-oriented]

What you should know about employment law
From $34.50

Employment Standards

If you own a business in Canada and you have employees, you need to know and comply with all of the applicable employment standards. This course will tell you what you should be aware of and where to find the laws and regulations that apply to you.
From $19.50
Capacitar a su gente curso de formación en línea

Empoderar a su gente

Como líder, se espera que usted delegue gran parte del trabajo a otros. En este curso, examinaremos cómo puede usted desarrollar relaciones y empoderar a las personas que usted dirige.
From $19.50
Picture of Empowering Your People

Empowering Your People

In this course, you will examine the process of motivating and working with people that you lead.
From $19.50

Encadrer pour un meilleur rendement

Ce cours enseigne les techniques efficaces d’encadrement et vous permet d’aider les employés à améliorer leur rendement au travail grâce à un sens plus clair des objectifs du rendement et une motivation renouvelée.
From $24.50
Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Online Training Course

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

The Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action online training course will give you an introduction to Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) and present employment practices that will help you comply with EEO/AA requirements.
From $19.50

Equitable Treatment: A Guide for Supervisors [US]

This course provides an overview of equitable treatment in the workplace and the laws that prohibit discrimination.
From $24.50

Establishing Performance Goals and Expectations

This course has tools and methods for collaboratively establishing goals and specific performance criteria for all employees. There are tips to help you obtain commitment to your goals and methods to help you review performance goals regularly.
From $19.50
Picture of Établissement des objectifs de rendement et attentes

Établissement des objectifs de rendement et attentes

Des employés productifs et motivés sont ceux qui comprennent clairement ce que l'on attend d'eux pour ce qui est de leur rendement et attitudes.
From $19.50

Ethics for Employees

What does it mean to act ethically? As employees, we need to know how to make good decisions when there is no rulebook to help.
From $24.50

Ethics for Managers

A business without ethics is a business at risk. Learn how to develop and maintain an ethical culture in your organization.
From $24.50

Être un brillant superviseur

Ce cours examine les éléments les plus importants d’une supervision réussie, en portant une attention particulière sur les individus et les compétences organisationnelles.
From $34.50

Faire les évaluations du rendement

Fournir de la rétroaction sur le rendement est une partie importante du rôle du gestionnaire. Une bonne rétroaction est essentielle pour aider une organisation à atteindre ses objectifs.
From $24.50