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Picture of Compensation and Benefits Planning for Small Business [US]

Compensation and Benefits Planning for Small Business [US]

In this module, we will review four key aspects of an effective compensation plan: salary administration, pay equity, compensation strategies, and benefits.
From $29.50
Picture of Compensation and Benefits Trends

Compensation and Benefits Trends

Learn how an effective compensation and benefits package will help your company recruit and retain the best employees.
From $87.50
Picture of Créativité et innovation en milieu de travail
Picture of Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

In this course, we will show you how creativity and innovation can be made to work. As you move through the various sections, you will begin to see how an overall framework, processes, methods and techniques can make creativity and innovation a valuable asset, not only in the workplace but for the organization.
From $29.50
Picture of Developing Brand You

Developing Brand You

This course provides ideas and exercises designed to help you formulate clear ideas about creating Brand You and about managing your career.
From $19.50
Picture of Developing Diverse Teams

Developing Diverse Teams

This course will help you understand the impact of cultural factors when you attempt to build harmonious and productive work units. You will learn to build a team that encourages mutual accountability, trust, problem solving, conflict management, and an appreciation for the unique contributions by all.
From $19.50
Picture of Developing Your Career Path

Developing Your Career Path

In this course, you will learn about yourself, your accomplishments and your goals. You also learn how to package and present yourself to fit the employer's needs.
From $19.50
Picture of Développer votre profil « Brand You »
Picture of Diriger efficacement les réunions
Picture of Discharging An Employee

Discharging An Employee

Discharging an employee can be uncomfortable because it's not something anyone really wants to do. There are also serious implications for the organization. Understand more about the process of discharging an employee and learn about the details that you don't want to overlook.
From $19.50
Picture of Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

This course provides an excellent base for the manager to learn about his or her own beliefs and to see the potential of a diverse workplace.
From $24.50
Picture of Doing Performance Reviews

Doing Performance Reviews

Providing performance feedback is an important part of a manager's job. Good performance feedback is critical in helping an organization achieve its objectives.
From $24.50
Picture of Effective Approaches to Employee Discipline

Effective Approaches to Employee Discipline

This course provides practical advice on implementing or improving your discipline policy. You will learn to establish a policy and document all incidents, keeping workforce dissatisfaction to a minimum, increase productivity, and boost morale.
From $19.50
Picture of Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

An effective leader knows how to mentor employees as they take on new projects and strive to grow professionally. In this module you'll have an opportunity to explore these essential leadership skills.
From $19.50
Picture of Effective Performance Feedback

Effective Performance Feedback

This module will give you an understanding of the stages of a performance review with video clips of performance reviews in action.
From $19.50