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Elearning for Kids Under 12

These courses are intended for children under the age of 12.

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Giving is Great

What Is Charity?
From $3.99

Go Ahead! Play With Your Food

Ruby the Apple and Julienne the Carrot take you on your food journey to help you decide the best foods to fuel your body and brain every day!
From $3.99

Hosting Fundraising Events

Using a fun theme of a medieval knight’s quest, kids learn about “Giving Back” and raising money for a good cause
From $3.99

How Much Does it Cost?

Learn how much something will really cost!
From $3.99

How to Play Soccer

Whether you want to play on the field, or just cheer from the sidelines, it’s important to know the rules of the game.
From $3.99

Identifying a Cause and a Fundraising Goal

Using a fun theme of a medieval knight’s quest, kids learn about “Giving Back” and raising money for a good cause.
From $3.99

Identity Theft

Do you use email? Social media? A smartphone? If you do, you need to know how to protect your personal information against identify theft!
From $3.99


Investing is a large part of a saving strategy. This lesson will introduce the concept of investing and the terms investor, investment, principal and return.
From $3.99

It All Adds Up

Mom agrees to lend Sam and Katie money to start their business – but she’s going to charge them interest!
From $3.99

Keep It Cool: Homework and Tests

Do homework and tests make you anxious? We’ve got help!
From $3.99

Keep It Cool: In an Emergency

Keep it cool when someone is injured by knowing how to treat everything from a nosebleed to a swollen ankle.
From $3.99

Keep It Cool: In Sports

Sports are a lot of fun and a great way to stay active and healthy. But what happens when it becomes too stressful?
From $3.99

La Petite Tirelire

Qu’est-ce que l’argent?
From $3.99

Make a Flyer

From $3.99

On Your Own?

Are you ready to be home alone? Find out and learn the basics before taking this big life step.
From $3.99