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IT Security: Phishing Awareness

This IT Security: Phishing Awareness online training course is designed for all employees. Learn what phishing is, the various ways cyberthieves try to exploit our computer systems and personal information, the types of damage they can cause, and the ways to reduce the likelihood of being “phished”.
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This IT Security: Phishing Awareness online training course explores the various ways that cyberthieves use phishing messages to trick victims into providing personal information and provide access to their computers, networks, and mobile devices.

Cyberthieves use victims’ personal information to steal their money and identities. They attack victims’ computers and other devices with malware attacks. Learn about phishing techniques, consequences, and ways to reduce the likelihood of being “phished”.

Course Learning Objectives:

By taking this online IT Security: Phishing Awareness, the user will learn:

  • Recall the three common characteristics of most phishing messages
  • Outline the methods for identifying phishing e-mails
  • Describe targeted phishing techniques used by cyberthieves
  • Recognize phishing attacks on social media and recall how to avoid them
  • Summarize the negative consequences of successful phishing attacks on individuals and organizations

Course Outline:

This online IT Security: Phishing Awareness course is made up of the following sections:

  1. Phishing Basics
  2. Targeted E-mail Phishing Techniques
  3. Phishing on Social Media Platforms
  4. Consequences of Phishing Attacks

Course Audience:

This IT Security: Phishing Awareness online training course was designed for all employees who use computers and/or mobile devices.

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