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Gender Identity

This Gender Identity course is designed for all employees and supports gender diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. This online course provides learners with a foundational knowledge of the gender spectrum, gender identity and expression, the impacts of inclusion and exclusion, and actionable steps to take in building an inclusive workplace. True workplace stories from different gender viewpoints are included (both from a transgender/non-binary employee and a cisgender woman).
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This Gender Identity online training course explores gender diversity in the workplace. This course provides learners with a greater awareness of the complexities of gender identity and expression. Learners will gain knowledge to elevate skills in using inclusive gender practices to build and sustain a culture of inclusion within the organization. This course will provide practical knowledge of gender key terms including non-binary and transgender, the difference between sex and gender, stereotypes, the impacts of gender-based microaggressions, the fluidity of gender, and the gender binary. The course will equip learners with actionable gender inclusion strategies in the areas of language, communication, pronoun use, and behavior. This course explores true stories and experiences from the workplace of people who identify as transgender/non-binary as well as cisgender women. This course utilizes the latest technological advances for engagement including workplace practical application, quizzes, and expanded learning opportunities.

Course Learning Objectives

By taking this online Gender Identity course, the user will:

  • Understand the importance of gender identity and expression with regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Identify gender stereotypes and microaggressions
  • Understand that gender identity and gender expression can be fluid
  • Distinguish the importance of inclusive communication, language, and pronoun usage
  • Have increased awareness about gender binaries
  • Identify best practices employees, managers, and leaders can use to be inclusive of all gender identities and expressions at work

Course Outline

This online Gender Identity course is made up of the following sections:

  1. Gender and Gender Identity
  2. Non-Binary Identities and They/Them Pronouns
  3. Gender Expression in the Workplace
  4. Gender Equity Practices

Course Audience

This Gender Identity online training course was designed for all employees.

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Course LanguageEnglish
Length RangeOver 60 Minutes
Length (Hours)1.75
Course FeaturesAudio, Accessible, Mobile, Video
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