Vubiz Delivers New Online Cybersecurity Elearning Series

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

cybersecurity elearning

It’s never been more essential for business leaders to offer cybersecurity elearning for all employees to protect businesses, staff, and customers best. With this timely need to keep your company safe at the forefront, Vubiz has expanded its online offerings to include an extensive and comprehensive series on cybersecurity training.

“This new series helps organizations reverse current trends in cyber security breaches and helps protect companies and individuals,” explains Vubiz President James Rapino. “The business decision has become an urgent one.”

Our cybersecurity training covers various threats and vulnerabilities, including phishing, ransomware attacks, and password & identity theft. It is vital for an organization to train its employees in password, email, and general IT security.

A company has to train everyone. If one employee lacks the right knowledge about cybersecurity, it can cause massive damage to the organization – with cybersecurity, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Vubiz offers the following Cybersecurity elearning courses:

  • Cloud Computing: An Introduction
  • IT Security - An Overview
  • IT Security: Business E-mail Compromise
  • IT Security: Corporate Account Takeover
  • IT Security: Credential Stuffing
  • IT Security: E-Mail Security Awareness
  • IT Security: It Begins with You
  • IT Security: Mobile Phone Security Awareness
  • IT Security: Password Security Awareness
  • IT Security: Phishing Awareness
  • IT Security: Ransomware
  • IT Security: Safe Web Browsing
  • IT Security: Working Off-Site
  • Social Engineering Awareness
  • Supply Chain Cybersecurity
  • Synthetic Identity Fraud

For more information, please contact us to inquire about our Cybersecurity Prevention training.