The Future of Learning

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

The Future of Learning

With how quickly technology advances, the future of learning will be an exciting journey. That’s why we thought we’d share this great article by Dr. Arkady Zilberman called “Does The World Require Deep Learning Or Self-Learning?”

Dr. Zilberman is a part of the Academy of the Self-Learning Revolution and founded Language Bridge Technology. After years of researching how adults learn languages, Dr Zilberman invented a method of subconscious training English skills that enables adult learners to acquire fluency in the language in less than a year.

His interesting piece looks at some of the major talking points to consider when contemplating the future of learning, such as:

  • There are two types of learning
  • National math and reading scores hit historic lows
  • The definition of self-learning
  • Teachers as coaches, facilitators, and mentors
  • Self-learning creates new mindsets


What is Self-learning?


Dr. Zilberman said:

“Deep learning refers to the ability of an AI system to improve on its own without explicit programming. However, deep learning cannot be applied by humans. They utilize the conscious mind to learn knowledge or the subconscious mind to train skills. Self-learning is the future path for humanity.”

Read the full article to discover the future of learning today.

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