Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Advice

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

sexual harassment training advice

Sexual harassment awareness training in the workplace is vitally important, especially for multi-state employers who must now keep track of their obligations across the country as laws continue to evolve.

That’s why we thought we’d share with you Stacy Pinkerton’s piece called How Sexual Harassment Awareness Training Can Stop Abuse of Power.”  Stacey is an expert on abuse of power and is an activist for sexual harassment and sexual assault change in legislation related to statutes of limitations and the definition of consent. Stacey is also working as a crusader with the Consent Awareness Network (CAN) to define and codify “consent,” which is variable from state to state and impacts a victim’s ability to bring an effective case.


The Benefits of Sexual Harassment Awareness Training


When considering sexual harassment and discrimination prevention training, Stacey's main takeaway is:

“The bottom line is if sexual harassment continues to be an ongoing problem in your company, chasing good people away but not before traumatizing them, it is time to talk about effective sexual harassment awareness training. The benefits of investing in effective training far outweigh the costs of permitting these toxic behaviors in the workplace. Sexual harassment awareness training can positively impact employee mental health and well-being. When employees feel heard and respected in a proactive company that works to build cultures of respect, productivity improves, retention increases and profits rise.”

Read the full article to learn more ways your organization can benefit from sexual harassment awareness training. 

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