Reaching Personal Goals

This Reaching Personal Goals online training course is designed for employees looking to achieve their personal goals. This course will give you a chance to change your life as you learn how to purposefully achieve your goals. You know your life could be better. You're not fulfilling your potential. Or maybe you've been wondering when your dreams will come true. This course will get you headed in the right direction and give you some tips for making it all happen!
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This Reaching Personal Goals online training course explores different strategies to help your reach your personal goals.

All of us need balance in our lives. We struggle to balance our careers, our families, our health, our emotions, our social lives, and our spirituality. You can probably think of instances in your life when you've spent too much time in one area, only to have another area suffer. You must find balance in your life and determine where you are and what you need.

Learn how to assess your present life balance, determine what area of your life needs attention, and focus on one goal; develop a plan of action; measure and control results; develop a timetable to help you stay on track, and change your life by purposefully achieving your goals.

Course Learning Objectives

By taking this online Reaching Personal Goals course, the user will learn to:

  • Determine what your priorities are
  • Understand the importance of focusing on one goal at a time
  • Create a mind map and develop a plan of action
  • Develop a clear vision of your success
  • Be prepared for unexpected setbacks
  • Create effective timelines for reaching your goals
  • Be prepared for glitches on your journey
  • Monitor your achievements to determine your successes and the areas that need improvement

Course Outline

This online Reaching Personal Goals course is made up of the following sections:

  1. Strategy 1 - Aspire to Balance in Life
  2. Strategy 2 - Work Toward the Goal
  3. Strategy 3 - Follow Through on Plans

Course Audience

This Reaching Personal Goals online training course was designed for employees looking to achieve their personal goals.

If you have any concerns as to whether this course is appropriate for you or your industry, please browse our full selection of online courses.

Course Language English
Length Range 31 - 60 Minutes
Length (Hours) 1.0
Course Features Audio, Accessible, Mobile
Module Number(s) 12544EN