Purpose Designed eLearning Strategy

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

Purpose Designed eLearning Strategy

As we move into the new normal of remote work and online training, having a purpose-designed eLearning strategy at your company is vital. That's why we thought we'd share some essential information on how your business can ensure your employee's eLearning needs are met so they can thrive in the workplace.

Elizabeth Greene wrote a brilliant article, "Designing Learning with Purpose in Mind." Elizabeth has over two decades of experience as a Senior Director of global learning and organizational development to help reinvent corporate training programs. Thanks to her many years of experience in eLearning strategy, Elizebeth's piece takes a knowledgeable look at some key topics, including:

  • Best practices for real-world applicability
  • Start with empathy
  • Key motivators of the modern learner
  • Create connections using social and emotional tie-ins


Infusing Empathy with Training


Elizabeth's main takeaway':

"To be an effective organization that designs learning with purpose in mind, it is important to have empathy, to listen and engage with learners to provide learning that matters and adds value. L&D should be in the trenches, learning how to support and develop people and teams. This involves learning how people get better at their jobs, how they solve problems, and how they create hyper-personalized learning experiences at the learner's point of need. Our job is enabling learners to explore moments of inquiry and curiosity to fuel their passion and create true moments of purpose."

Read the full article to learn how to implement a purpose-designed eLearning strategy at your company today.

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