Optimize your eLearning Strategy

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

optimize your elearning strategy

If you’re looking to discover some eLearning strategy tips to optimize your employee training plan, check out these ways you can pivot and prepare for a successful 2021.

We all know that deploying a successful training plan can be challenging, especially during the Coronavirus. But with careful planning and execution, you can optimize your eLearning strategy and keep your business goals moving forward.

Things you should consider to improve your eLearning strategy include:


Ability for Agility

By implementing an agile process, you can pivot your project goals and needs throughout its lifecycle. To be able to adapt to the unexpected, you need to ensure your models aren’t rigid and that your review cycles deliver tangible products.


User Experience

Depending on your audience size, industry, and content depth, you must ensure the UX is not only responsive but also accessible. Every customer experience is different, so ensure you have strong feedback forms so you can learn from what you do right and wrong. You may even want to expand your training modules to sales partners and vendors so they can understand the customer experience themselves.


Never Stop Improving

Remember to always keep your eye on the latest technology and trends to ensure you don’t get left behind. By staying one step ahead of the game, you can design and deploy the latest training solutions that your clients will need tomorrow. By being prepared and ready to pivot towards the latest online training methods, you can ensure you’re at the front of the queue when customers require the latest technology.


Measuring Results are Key

Understanding the plusses and minuses of how your content performs is vitally important to help you grow as a company. And it’s not just about patting yourself on the back. If you can’t see your own faults, how can you ever improve moving forward?


First launched in 2002, we at Vubiz have empowered people and companies to be their best by providing useful, modern online training that gives our customers a competitive edge. We're experts at making compliance training effective at the very best price and have won consecutive awards from Brandon Hall and Elearning Magazine for our harassment prevention and compliance courses.

Occupational Health & Safety Manager at Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Dawn Irish, said:

“Vubiz created and successfully implemented our SafeSmart Program, which involved developing and delivering online safety training modules on the health and safety responsibilities of senior managers in the Ontario Public Service. The project has proved to be very successful. We were impressed with Vubiz's collaborative approach in assisting the working group to develop and deliver on this important project successfully. They provided excellent support to the working group on technical matters pertaining to eLearning and instructional design. The Vubiz team was well organized, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with."

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