Learn to Lead Diverse Teams

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

leading diverse teams

Building and leading diverse teams is vitally important at your company in 2023. That’s why we’ve sourced some fantastic intel to help you build trust and move the dial with the employees at your business.

Jennifer Colosimo has written a great piece called3 Key Ways Leaders Build and Support Globally Diverse Teams”. Jennifer has led teams for the likes of Accenture, DaVita, and FranklinCovey in learning, development, and corporate social responsibility alongside several private equity-backed organizations.

Her great piece takes a look at the different ways that executives can learn to cultivate and lead diverse teams, with deep dives into these three key topics:

  • Develop leaders, not just managers
  • Instill disciplines that empower diverse ideas
  • Make a high-trust culture a priority


Leading Diverse Teams


Jennifer's main takeaway:

“One critical principle for leaders to model is humility. Humility that no one knows ‘everything about anything’. And, in practice, to be curious about cultural differences. A high-trust culture moves faster, innovates, and reduces the costs associated with low trust. Employees, no matter where they are, will feel the highest level of engagement when they believe they are playing a winnable game. It’s tremendously rewarding to put this playbook into action and watch your teams win.”

Read the full article to find out how you can nurture and lead diverse teams today.

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