Intentional Learning Advice

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Intentional Learning Advice

If you're looking for new ways to optimize the training processes at your company, then creating intentional learning environments can be a great way to help boost your employee's confidence.

That's why we thought we'd share this great article by Christopher Pappas called "A Guide To Intentional Learning Environments." Christopher is the founder of eLearning Industry - the leading online training publishing platform that delivers inspiring, industry-specific content to eLearning professionals - and also holds an MBA and an MEd (Learning Design) from BGSU.

His fantastic piece takes a look at some of the elements of intentional learning environments, with deep dives into these three key areas:

  • Elements Of Intentional Learning Environments
  • Intentional Learning Environments in eLearning
  • What Do Intentional Learning Environments Offer


Incorporate Intentional Learning in Training


Christopher's main takeaway:

"Educators and instructors are always looking for new ways to help learners develop their skills and knowledge while catering to their needs and preferences. An intentional learning environment involves different methods to enhance problem-solving skills and critical thinking and help learners achieve their goals. The primary purpose is to create a space where learners feel comfortable and free to express themselves while staying motivated to expand their knowledge."

Read the full article to learn how to create an intentional learning environment at your workplace today.

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