Improve Employee Skill Gaps with Online Learning

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

Improve Employee Skill Gaps with Online Learning

If you think your employees need to improve their skill sets through online learning, we have sourced some excellent advice for you.

Scott Himes has published a fantastic article called 'Skills Gap or Growth Gap? 6 Ways to Identify Skills Gaps on Your Team.' Scott is a Certified Professional Training Management and Principal with over 20 years of experience in coaching and leadership in technology and non-profit organizations.

His interesting piece shines a light on six key areas you need to identify when you are looking to upgrade the skill sets of your team and close the gaps:

  • Talk to your employees
  • Study performance reviews
  • Monitor metrics
  • Consult with hiring managers
  • Observe the work
  • Plan for the future


Employee Feedback Fuel Training Effectiveness


Scott's main takeaway:

"Skill gaps continue to widen. Exponentially changing technology, generational shifts, and constantly evolving social landscapes require employees to regularly adapt and advance their skills. Organizations struggle to find the right talent and train existing talent. Imagine a future where employees are highly engaged because they feel supported in their growth and development, teams are high-performing even in a constantly changing world, and training initiatives aren't reactive to fix problems but proactive to address the challenges of tomorrow. This is the power L&D professionals have. This is the reality you can achieve through proactively identifying and addressing the skill gaps in your organization."

Read the full article to find out how to close your employee's skill gaps through online training today.

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