Importance of Online Compliance Training

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

importance of online compliance training


You should never underestimate the importance of online compliance training. That’s why we thought we’d share with you this fantastic article by Christopher Pappas on why companies need to make compliance training their top priority. 

Christopher is the Founder of eLearning Industry, which is the leading publishing platform that delivers inspiring, industry-specific content to eLearning professionals. They publish upwards of 150 articles in 60 categories, resulting in approximately one million users per month.

The article, 7 Repercussions of Underestimating the Importance of Compliance Online Training, shines a light on why organizations that fail to launch a successful compliance program must contend with a variety of issues.

These include:

  • Penalties and fines
  • Loss of brand credibility
  • Lack of community
  • Loss of talent
  • Increased injuries
  • Lack of consumer confidence
  • Risk industry standing

Christopher's main takeaway is:

"No matter how many staff members you employ or which industry you’re in, never underestimate the importance of online compliance training. These repercussions are just the tip of the reputation-breaking iceberg. Implementing a compliance training LMS may require an investment. It may take time to find the right platform. However, you can’t put a price on employee safety, your brand’s credibility, or consumer confidence.”

Read the full article to learn more about the importance of online compliance training to help your business thrive in 2020.

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