Implement Learning Pathways

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

Implementing Learning Pathways

If you're looking to implement successful learning pathways to help your business's training regimes, we've sourced some excellent intel for you.

Mike Allen has put pen to paper to create a fantastic piece called "6 Steps To Implement Learning Pathways in Your Organization."

Mike is an Associate Editor for the Training Industry website with a Bachelor of the Arts in English Language and Literature from Indiana University. His article explores some of the essential considerations for rolling out effective eLearning pathways for your organization, including:

  • Identifying your learning objectives
  • Creating a skills matrix
  • Mapping learning pathways
  • Building learning resources
  • Implementing learning pathways
  • Evaluating learning outcomes


Training Personalization Wins


Mike's main takeaway:

"Personalized learning pathways have emerged as a game-changing approach to training that can meet the unique needs of each learner — making one-size-fits-all education a thing of the past. Learners no longer have to struggle with the frustration of being forced into a rigid curriculum that does not match their preferences. By following the six steps outlined in this article, you can create effective learning pathways to help your employees develop the skills needed to support your organizational goals."

Read the full article to learn how to implement learning pathways at your business today.

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