Impactful eLearning Tips

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

Impactful Elearning Tips

Creating impactful eLearning is necessary in the new normal, with so many people working and studying from home. That's why we thought we'd share this great article that provides five fantastic tips on creating memorable and successful courses that your learners will love.

Nikki O'Keeffe has written an excellent piece called '5 Tips On Designing And Developing Impactful eLearning'. Nikki is a senior eLearning facilitator with experience creating online learning strategies to ensure training requirements and deliveries align with quality, probability, and client needs. Skilled at providing face-to-face and online programs for global participants of varying experience levels, Nikki has performed analysis to help identify gaps and recommend training solutions.

Her insightful article takes a look at five lessons for designing and developing impactful eLearning programs:

  • Choose quality training resources
  • Assess the size and diversity of your skillset
  • Check your work before you deploy
  • File management is critical to long-term success
  • Authoring tool expertise is not enough


Real Life Scenarios Drive Learner Engagement


Nikki's main takeaway:

"No matter your experience level in creating impactful eLearning courses, designing an asynchronous experience is a very different challenge than authoring an instructor-led classroom or live online course. It's more than a set of PowerPoint slides; the learner needs to experience real-life scenarios, try out tasks, and obtain feedback. Hopefully, these tips will help you design and develop more successful asynchronous eLearning programs."

Read the full article to discover how to create more impactful eLearning experiences today.

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