Hybrid Workplace Connection

Author Headshot Written by Liz McDermott

Hybrid Workplace Connection

With the world's sudden shift to a hybrid workplace, creating a connection with remote colleagues can be difficult. That's why we thought we'd share this great article on how you can help bridge the gap between virtual workmates to help build trust and morale at your company.

Written by Richard Jalichandra, "How to Build Culture and Connection in the Hybrid Workplace" takes an in-depth look at the new hybrid workplace environment and how to bring new meaning to work-life balance.

Richard is a seasoned executive with a record of scaling B2B and B2C technology companies. Currently the Executive Vice President for SWZD, Richard's previous leadership roles include successful tech brands such as 101 Commerce, Clickbank, Fox Interactive Media, IGN Entertainment, and many more.


Designing Hybrid Work Models


Richard's main takeaway:

"The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we work and learn, and the rise of hybrid and remote work has brought immense value here to stay. The key to success in a remote or hybrid work model is educating your employees and leaders on its benefits and why it's a pivotal incentive to stay ahead of your competition in an increasingly complex job market. Hybrid and remote work models drive success far beyond employee satisfaction. Pairing this flexibility with an emphasis on preserving your culture through multiple strategies, including team-building activities, real-time training, and continuing education opportunities, further boosts engagement and morale."

Read the full article to learn how to cultivate a flexible eLearning culture for your company.

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