How to Measure Training Effectiveness

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learning effectiveness metrics for success

The key to knowing whether your online training is worth the investment lies in analyzing its impact. By evaluating the effectiveness of your eLearning, you can ensure that your efforts are delivering the results you need for your training program to succeed.

A digital learning experience must positively impact the learners' minds and hearts. When there is a positive impact, there are better chances of remembering the concepts and their application to the job. Therefore, training professionals must assess the impact of online training and the difference it will make.


The Importance of Data in Measuring Elearning's Impact


Measuring training effectiveness is crucial to ensure your employee development investment is paying off. With the data you have, you can easily evaluate the impact of training on employee performance and identify areas for improvement.

To explore how you can leverage the available data to measure the effectiveness of your training program, we thought we'd share this super-informative piece by Zsolt Olah called "Measuring Learning: Asking The Right Questions."

Zsolt is a Senior Learning Technologist at Amazon with a mission to empower people to achieve more significant impact by leveraging the power of technology, data, and learning. Previously, Zsolt worked as a Digital Learning and Experience Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model


His latest article is an inspiring guide to help you unlock the full potential of your corporate training programs. It highlights the essential factors to consider when evaluating the impact of your eLearning initiatives and offers a deep dive into the four tiers of a framework called "Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model":

  • Attendance
  • Activity
  • Learner Perceptions
  • Knowledge


Your Guide to Developing a Learning Impact Assessment


In his article, the main point that Zsolt emphasized was:

"In the workplace, the ultimate goal is rarely learning, not even learning transfer. It is doing and doing it well under specific limitations. That is why showing the value of L&D starts with measuring the right things."

Read the full article to learn how you can analyze, evaluate, and improve your employee training today. This 12-minute read will motivate you to reimagine the possibilities of eLearning and take your programs to the next level.

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