SBAR Technique

This SBAR Technique online training course is designed for nurses, caregivers, other healthcare-practitioner employees in hospitals. Using the SBAR Technique nurses and doctors will be able to communicate better within hospital settings. Improved communication leads to better patient care and fewer human errors caused by miscommunication, which could prove costly to patients.
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This SBAR Technique online training course explores a communication technique called SBAR or Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendations. Studies suggest that lack of communication between caregivers—doctors and nurses as well as between nurses—leads to adverse health events unrelated to a patient’s illness.

This technique enables nurses and other caregivers to communicate better with doctors. It equips them with the skills required to evaluate a situation, obtain a detailed background history, assess the problem, and provide recommendations to the attending physician in a clear and concise manner.

Practicing this technique should be accompanied by an emphasis on assertiveness to state and maintain a position until persuaded otherwise by facts.

Course Learning Objectives

By taking this online SBAR Technique course, the user will learn:

  • Understand the context and necessity for the SBAR technique
  • Recognize the necessity for effective communication in a healthcare setting
  • Apply the basics of the SBAR technique
  • Explain how handoffs are a critical part of SBAR application
  • Apply assertiveness in conjunction with the SBAR technique

Course Outline

This online SBAR Technique course is made up of the following sections:

  1. Overview of SBAR
  2. Communication
  3. SBAR Basics
  4. Handoffs and Assertiveness

Course Audience

This SBAR Technique online training course was designed for nurses, caregivers, other healthcare-practitioner employees in hospitals.

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