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The Future of Work is Flexible

The Future of Work is Flexible

If you’re trying to find out what the future of work looks like, check out this great article we sourced from Built In on how companies will seize this opportunity to offer their employees greater flexibility.

The article was written by Head of Public Relations at Buffer, Hailley Griffis, who is an expert contributor on remote work and career progression. Her piece breaks down how Covid-19 has forced companies around the world to allow employees to work outside of the office for their own safety. Is this going to be the new norm moving forward and the future of work?

Hailley has considered all the latest shifts, as her article focuses on:

  • What flexibility looks like
  • Asynchronous communication
  • Results-based performance
  • What flexibility does for employees 
  • A focus on flexibility 

Hailley said:

"True remote work simply means that employees have the option of working from a flexible location that is not an office. The term remote work also implies that an organization has created systems of communication and collaboration so that employees can work from anywhere in the world and still get their work done without needing to be in the same office. Now that the workplace is adapting to embrace more remote solutions and that many are experiencing the benefits of flexibility, the future of work will be able to have an unprecedented focus on flexibility for employees."

Click the link below to read the full article on Built In to find out how smart companies are dealing with the largest shifts in workplace culture in recent history.

Read full article here

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