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The Future of Online Learning

The Future of Online Learning

If you’re looking for how online learning will change and improve in the workplaces of the future, we have sourced the perfect information for you.

Vincent Chidozie Okeke has put together a brilliantly informative piece for eLearning Industry called ‘The Role Of Online Learning In The Future Of Work’. Vincent has a real understanding of online education, technology, and is the founder of DoviLearn, an online platform providing corporate online training through micro-learning short courses.

His article takes an in-depth look into how we will need to learn to pivot with the introduction of increased AI and technology in the workplace. and the skills we will need to learn. Though AI will help perform many tasks, it’s important to understand how human involvement will remain intricate to the future of work. Deep dives in the article include:

  • Online Learning Will Foster Futuristic Inclusion
  • Where Does Online Education Come In?
  • Globalization: Online Learning And The Future Of Work

Vincent said:

“As the adoption of online learning increases around the world, it is likely common to link this pervasive method of study to the future of work. Like many industry experts have argued, the future of work does not necessarily suggest the takeover of jobs by machines, but the likely takeover of less human needed tasks by machines. Human involvement in the workplace will remain intricate in the future of work, but not without a price. With the growing digitization, innovation, and improved technologies already happening, and those forecasted to happen, those who intend to be at the forefront of their careers must endeavor to engage in continuous learning to achieve this. As the future of work brings its complex and challenging tasks, those who are most skillful will likely exploit this opportunity and lead futuristic industries ahead.”

Click the link below to read Vincent’s interesting article in full and discover the future of online learning in the workplace today.

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