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The Benefits of Learning from Home

The Benefits of Learning from Home

Though it’s taken some time for some people to adjust, many people have started to see that learning from home does have some benefits. But if you dig under the surface, you’ll also actually find some lesser known benefits to remote learning.

That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article by eLearning Inside. The piece, ‘The Lesser-Known Benefits of Learning from Home’ shines a light on some of the advantages that many students and teachers have discovered during the pandemic.

The article focuses on four main topics:

  •       Mental health
  •       Improved emotional awareness
  •       Education technology
  •       Parental involvement 

eLearning Inside said:

“For students across the globe, not much has changed in 2021. With many schools remaining closed, students of all ages have had to resume learning from home for the foreseeable future. Remote learning has been a difficult transition for many families and education stakeholders. As things eventually return to normal, hopefully some of the teaching methods, techniques, and sensitivity lent during this period will be integrated post-Covid. This article will highlight the benefits of remote learning that many students are taking advantage of.”

Elearning Inside provides independent coverage of the online learning and education technology sectors. By offering well-sourced and investigated news stories to the eLearning community, they aspire to produce relevant, timely and insightful news stories, profiles and solutions to help educate readers. Click the link below to read their interesting article in full and discover some of the hidden benefits of remote learning.

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