Handling Obstacles

This Handling Obstacles online training course is designed for sales employees and this course explores the sixth step in the Systematic Selling Process. In this course you will learn how to transform a prospect’s obstacles into opportunities for improving their business, thus coming one step closer to completing the sale.
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This Handling Obstacles online training course explores the sixth step in the Systematic Selling Process.

In this course, you will learn why top salespeople view obstacles as opportunities and how they respond to them through a five-step process. You will also examine the obstacle from the lens of your prospects’ behavioral style. Flipping your perspective is important, as it will enable you to turn obstacles into opportunities you can capitalize on. This will require an understanding of effective techniques and planned responses to obstacles, which you will gain through examples in this course.

Course Learning Objectives

By taking this online Handling Obstacles course, the user will learn to:

  • Outline appropriate reactions to the raising of an obstacle.
  • Recall the steps for responding to obstacles.
  • Identify potential concerns based on individual behavior styles.
  • Review techniques for dealing with obstacles.
  • State ways to plan your response.

Course Outline

This online Handling Obstacles course is made up of the following sections:

  1. The Systematic Selling Process
  2. Viewing Obstacles as Opportunities
  3. Responding to Obstacles
  4. Relating Obstacles to Behavior Styles
  5. Planning Your Response
  6. Personal Application

Course Audience

This Handling Obstacles online training course was designed for sales employees.

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Products specifications
Course Language English
Length Range 31 - 60 Minutes
Length (Hours) 0.75
Course Features Audio, Accessible, Mobile
Module Number(s) 10722EN