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Social Engineering Awareness Course

Social Engineering Awareness Course

We are pleased to announce that we have a brand new Social Engineering Awareness course to help you and your employees understand how cybercriminals can manipulate people into providing sensitive information.

To conduct social engineering, cybercriminals try to engage users into performing actions that either compromise their computers and devices, or expose personal and sensitive information. Social engineering is also a successful way for a criminal to get inside your organization and look for sensitive data, steal assets or even harm people.

By taking our course, you will learn not only to recognize the ways that criminals try to manipulate people into performing actions that can compromise their devices, but also recognize social engineering attempts to avoid becoming a victim.

Our course learning objectives include:

  • What social engineering is and why criminals use it
  • The different types of social engineering attacks
  • The social engineering techniques used by criminals
  • The ways to recognize social engineering attempts
  • Techniques to avoid social engineering attacks

Click the link below to find out more about our Social Engineering Awareness course and help protect your company and it's employees personal information today.

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