Shaping the Market to Your Advantage

This Shaping the Market to Your Advantage online training course is designed for management employees who want to make a significant contribution to their business through more effective buying. We will teach you about Strategic Purchasing, which is the use of ways of approaching and interacting with a supply market to gain maximum sustained advantage for the buying organization, and how it can be applied to your own business environment.
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This Shaping the Market to Your Advantage online training course explores Strategic Purchasing, which is based on the premise that buyers can develop and change the supply market within which they function. Although the techniques and approaches discussed in this course may seem simple, they are not always easy to apply and require dedication and persistence; however, if followed through, they will be very rewarding. When you complete all modules in this course, you will take a final test.

Course Learning Objectives

 By taking this online Shaping the Market to Your Advantage course, the user will learn:

  • An overview of Strategic Purchasing
  • The concept of purchasing as a business process rather than a function or department
  • How to apply the marketing concept to the procurement function
  • To carry out supplier improvement, which is one of several techniques buyers can use to change the market to their advantage
  • How to create a supply capability where none currently exists
  • To use the Contract Strategy Model as a guide to developing an appropriate Contract Strategy
  • How to handle distorted markets
  • About finalizing your supplier decision and detailing what is required to ensure success
  • About integrating the Strategic Purchasing techniques

​​​​​​​Course Outline

This online Shaping the Market to Your Advantage course is made up of the following sections:

  1. Shaping the Market
  2. Defining and Managing the Business Need
  3. Procurement Marketing
  4. Supplier Improvement
  5. Reverse Marketing
  6. Contract Strategy
  7. Monopolies and Cartels
  8. Partnerships
  9. Integrating the Techniques

Course Audience

This Shaping the Market to Your Advantage online training course was designed for management employees.

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Products specifications
Course Language English
Length Range Over 60 Minutes
Length (Hours) 7
Course Features Accessible, Audio, Mobile
Module Number(s) 11665EN