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Scenario Based Elearning

Scenario Based Elearning

If you're looking for a great way to keep your learners engaged and able to retain important information during their training, have you considered scenario based eLearning?

The scenario based eLearning method is the perfect blend of good storytelling and interactive learning that can imitate real-life situations. To find out more about this interesting concept, we thought we'd share with you this great article by Clara Henderson for the Training Industry website called 'The Power of Scenario Based eLearning'.

Clara is an educator, Fulbright scholar and content creator with a background in teaching and art history. Her extensive background helps Clara develop content that inspires learners to look at their professional goals from creative perspectives. Her great piece takes an interesting look into this new online training ideology, with in-depth looks at three key scenario based eLearning topics:

  • Instructional strategies that work
  • Telling a story through design development
  • Strategies for the future of work

Clara said:

"Scenario-based training combines good storytelling with interactive learning. It can be particularly useful when you need to provide a dialogue and imitate a real-life situation. If learners are not engaged during their training, they will not retain information. Luckily, you can combat boredom with scenario-based eLearning. When you immerse learners in real-life simulations, it allows them to solidify information, see themselves in the situation and refer to the training in the future."

Click the link below to read Clara's great piece over on the Training Industry website and discover how you can create scenario based eLearning today.

Read full article here