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Safety in Bloodborne Pathogens for Canadian Employees

Learn how to protect yourself and others from workplace exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
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Exposure to bloodborne diseases is a serious concern for employees in many sectors of the workforce. Bloodborne pathogens are the disease-causing microorganisms found in blood, as well as in human blood components and products. This course will show you how exposure to bloodborne pathogens occurs and provide guidelines for protecting yourself and others.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the symptoms and risks of major bloodborne diseases
  • Identify the components of an Exposure Control Plan
  • Explain how bloodborne pathogens are transmitted
  • Reduce your risk of exposure to contamination
  • Know the proper Personal Protective Equipment to use in exposure situations
  • Handle a contamination emergency

Course Outline:

  • Overview

o   Course objectives

o   Canadian legislation

  • Bloodborne Diseases

o   Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

o   Hepatitis

o   Disease transmission in the workplace

  • Exposure Control Plan

o   Contents of an exposure control plan

o   WHMIS 2015

o   Labeling

o   Regulated waste

o   Sharp controls

  • Reducing Exposure

o   Recognizing exposure activities

o   Engineering controls

o   Work practice controls

o   Housekeeping practices

o   Regulated waste

o   Contaminated laundry

o   Personal activities in the workplace

o   Contaminated equipment

  • Personal Protective Equipment

o   Guidelines for using PPE

o   Gloves

o   Face and eye protection

o   Protective clothing

  • Vaccinations

o   The first line of defense against infection

o   Accelerated vaccination series

  • Handling Contamination Emergencies

o   Incident notification

o   Healthcare after exposure

o   Healthcare follow-up

  • Summary

o   Key points

  • Final test

Target Audience:

Employees in Canadian workplaces where there may be a risk of exposure to bloodborne diseases.


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