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Rethink Your Online Training Programs

Rethink Your Online Training Programs

If you’re considering a pivot and refresh of your online training programs in 2021, then we’ve sourced the perfect information for you.

Asha Pandey has brought her 18 years of online training experience to the table when creating the article ‘Perspectives to Help You Reframe and Rethink Your Training Programs’ for eLearning Industry.  Asha is a Chief Learning Strategist who helps customers transform their online training programs and keep pace with the changing dynamics in the industry.

The article lists 19 eLearning trends in 2021, highlighting how to use them in the new workplace dynamics. Focus areas include:

  • Improve remote learning experiences 
  • Create room for continuous, remote learning 
  • Leverage frameworks 
  • Provide nudges to create habits of learning 
  • Adopt techniques to protect the training investment 
  • Focus on the learner

Asha said:

“We have been living under the dark cloud of the pandemic for a while now. While there are many unanswered questions and uncertainty at several levels, one thing is certain that the pandemic has redefined the workplace dynamics. From temporary work-from-home measures, we are now witnessing the “new normal” of remote operations across the globe. I am sure the trends listed in this article will definitely help you in firming up your plans for 2021 and re-charting your training delivery to meet the mandate of the new normal of the workplace.”


eLearning Industry is the leading publishing platform that delivers inspiring, industry-specific content to online training professionals. They publish upwards of 150 articles in 60 categories, resulting in approximately one million users per month.  

Click the link below to head over to their website to rethink your online training programs to help your business thrive in 2021.

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