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Resilient Elearning Leaders

Resilient Elearning Leaders

With so many changes happening worldwide over the last few years, now is an important time for resilient eLearning leaders to shine. That’s why we thought we’d share with you a fantastic article that can really help online training professionals respond to adversity.

The piece is called “Building Resilience: How Learning Leaders Can Thrive During Times of Change” by Jo Maddocks for the Training Industry website. Jo is a Chief Psychologist for Development who works to boost people’s emotional intelligence (EI) and resilience in the workplace. With over 25 years experience  as a business psychologist, Jo has tackled a vast range of issues to help improve individual and business performance.

His great piece takes a deep-dive into the four psychological stages eLearning leaders can use to cope with change and adversity, which are:

  • Survive - How we respond
  • Adapt - How we adjust
  • Recover - How we bounce back
  • Thrive - How we grow

Jo said:

“Self-reflection can feel uncomfortable, particularly if it hasn’t been part of organizational culture before, but it’s vital for longer-term health and well-being. Moving forward from a challenging situation or environment can equip you with greater insight into your strengths and how to overcome adversity. As a result, you will be better able to tackle whatever obstacles come your way and utilize your learning to bring about positive change in your organization — and in your life.”

Click the link below to read Jo Maddocks’ interesting piece in full and find out how you help create more resilient eLearning leaders today.

Read full article here