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Relevant and Engaging Elearning Tips

Relevant and Engaging Elearning Tips

If you’re looking to implement relevant and engaging eLearning practices at your workplace, then we have the perfect intel for you.

Zsolt Olah has put together a really informative piece for the eLearning Industry website called ‘How To Make eLearning Relevant?’ Zsolt is a Senior Learning Technologist at Amazon with a mission to enable people to make less content and more impact through the right combination of technology, data, and learning. His interesting piece shines a light on some key eLearning relevancy topics, including:

  • The ROI illusion of eLearning
  • Focus on learning transfer
  • Why relevance a challenge in the workplace
  • The perceived value

Zsolt said:

“The biggest problem with eLearning at the workplace is not the authoring tool or the LXD expertise behind making it engaging - it’s relevance. Relevance is also significantly correlated with performance. Therefore, we must explore how to increase relevance in multiple dimensions when designing formal learning, so the workforce is not only motivated to learn but also has high self-efficacy that leads to the application of knowledge and skills on the job.”

Click the link below to read Zsolt’s interesting article in full, and find out how you can make your eLearning relevant and engaging today.

Read full article here