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Practice Active Listening

This Practice Active Listening online training course is designed for employees and employers. This course will teach you more about your customers and coworkers and be better able to meet their needs. You will retain more of the information you have heard.
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This Practice Active Listening online training course explores active listening which will help you be able to meet your customers and coworkers needs.

How often have you attended a meeting and walked away with a clear recollection of what was discussed? You might have heard what was being said, but you weren't really listening. And that's the problem. Active listening is a skill that is worth learning because it will enhance your job performance and communication ability. This course will help you improve your listening skills by explaining the difference between hearing and active listening, and outlining the steps involved in becoming an active listener.

Course Learning Objectives:

On completion of this Practice Active Listening course, the user will learn:

  • Define active listening.
  • List the benefits of active listening.
  • Identify the components of active listening.

Course Outline:

This online Practice Active Listening course is made up of the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Hearing versus Listening
  3. What is Active Listening
  4. How to Actively Listen
  5. Conclusion
  6. Test

Course Audience:

This Practice Active Listening online training course was designed for employees and employers.

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