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New Online Learning During Covid-19

New Online Learning During Covid-19

The increase in new online learning during the Coronavirus has led to a wide variety of companies trying their hand at creating fresh content for their clients. During these uncertain times, many businesses have had to learn to adapt by taking their companies online to survive.

That’s why we thought we’d share with you this great article from Learning Solutions Magazine ‘Learning on the Fly: Businesses Use Online Learning During COVID-19’ written by Michael Shaw. 

Learning Solutions Magazine is a leading industry publication that offers insider perspective that is focused on supporting eLearning professionals. Their goal is to provide the greater learning and development community with relevant and timely information on the most critical and sought-out topics in eLearning. Featuring articles from members of the Learning Guild community and experts who work in the learning space every day, Learning Solutions offers practical, solution-oriented information on design, development, management, technology, and executive matters.

Michael Shaw is the CEO of SilkWeb Consulting based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He took the time to speak to three different organizations who would never normally consider their jobs in an online capacity pre-Coronavirus - an instructor at the Scottsdale Martial Arts Center, a realtor at Home Smart and one of the founders of the Phoenix Youth Theater company. All three of these businesses needed to learn to adapt to online teaching, and learn fast.

Michael said:

eLearning is no longer just knocking at the public's door - it’s breaking it down and in our homes, and likely to stay. For many businesses like SMACUS, HomeSmart, and PYT, the lessons learned and innovations made today will not only keep their operations going now, but will give them a leg up in their markets tomorrow and beyond. eLearning will make it possible for them to engage and connect with their learners like never before, while removing location and mobility obstacles and, over time, improve retention. They may find new uses for micro and adaptive learning methodologies and existing tools as ways of strengthening existing instruction.”

Click the link below to read this interesting article in full and find out how these businesses managed to stay on track and ‘roll with the punch’ of Covid-19.

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