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New Cybersecurity Training Courses

New Cybersecurity Training Courses

We are pleased to announce that we have three new cybersecurity training courses if you’re looking to refresh yourself and your staff on the latest online IT security training. These courses cover many of the best practices you’ll need to consider for protecting your security and privacy while on the web, including:

Supply Chain Cybersecurity

This online training course is designed for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and IT security employees. Learn about the two types of supply chain attacks: island hopping and third-party software attacks, and how to mitigate the risks for both types of attacks within your organization and your supply chain.

IT Security - It Begins With You

This cybersecurity training course is designed for all employees who use computers and other devices to access their organizations’ systems. Learn about the main ways that cybercriminals use people to compromise systems, and what we can all do to avoid becoming victims.

Clean Desk Policy

This online training course is designed for office employees and those working in public areas. The purposes of a clean desk policy are to ensure the security of sensitive and confidential information, to increase physical security, and to improve efficiency at work. Learn what employees need to do to comply with a clean desk policy.

All of these competitively priced courses will enable you and your staff to navigate the worldwide web safely and help you understand the threats to your security in the office, at home, and even while you are away from your desk.

Simply click the course name that you are interested in above to find out more information. With many employees due back in the office very soon, now is a great time to improve your cybersecurity training courses to ensure you and your staff are safe and secure as we move forward into the new normal.