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Internal Audit Working Papers

Audit work papers are how an internal auditor documents the evidence he or she gathers. Detailed, accurate and efficient audit work papers are essential to the internal audit function.
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Audit workpapers are critical in documenting evidence that supports the auditor's objectives, procedures, findings and recommendations. 

This module will discuss audit workpapers.

This course includes an examination.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the different uses for audit workpapers
  • Accurately document and file workpapers
  • Develop a risk-based annual audit plan
  •          Use electronic means to automate some workpaper functions

Course Outline:

  •          Purpose of Audit Workpapers

o   Documenting

o   What do workpapers do?

o   Consider the user

  •          Guidelines for Workpaper Documentation

o   Style

o   Functions

o   Content

o   Reporting on financial information

o   Permanent audit files

o   Preparation techniques

o   Review process

o   Ownership, custody, and retention

o   Tick marks

o   Common deficiencies

  •          Workpaper Organization

o   Current and permanent files

o   Continuing audit files

o   File contents

  •          Annual Audit Plan Development Based on Risk

o   What is risk?

o   What is risk assessment?

o   What are the advantages to completing a risk assessment?

o   How do you complete a risk assessment?

  •          Electronic Audit Workpapers

o   Benefits

o   Are they a fit for your organization?

o   Implementation

o   Evaluation of existing technology

o   Standardized templates

o   Additional tools

  •          Workpaper examples and resources

o   The audit process

o   Audit committee approval

o   Loan processing

o   Permanent file index

o   Preliminary survey and project procedure list

o   Internal audit questionnaire

o   Standard tick mark legend

o   Sampling plan

o   Summary of confirmation statistics

o   Audit point and recommendation sheet

o   Audit report

o   Audit report acceptance memorandum

o   Findings monitored


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