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Improving Online Training for Remote Workers

Improving Online Training for Remote Workers

If you're looking for some great ways to improve your online training and help your remote workforce, then we've sourced some stellar advice to help your team adjust.

Sean Bui has put together a great piece for the Elearning Industry website called "How To Adjust Training Programs In The New Normal." Sean is a regular contributor in the online training field and is also the founder of F.Learning Studio, who use animation to revolutionize and empower education to produce creative and practical solutions.

Sean's informative article offers some great advice to help you figure out the challenges of the new trend of online training for remote workers, with key topics including:

  • Self-study and personal development
  • Keeping learners engaged
  • Employees want remote work
  • Refine training purposes
  • Communication and engagement
  • Promote digital learning

Sean said:

"For companies and leaders, it’s time to change the way we operate businesses. In order to keep things on track, it is necessary to adjust working and training plans to the new normal conditions. Consider revising training programs and promoting digital learning for better company resource savings. Despite the necessity of modifying training programs in order to adapt to the new conditions, it is challenging for many L&D managers to come up with a suitable training plan. This article helps you to figure out the challenges that the new trends of working imposed by COVID-19 have created and what managers can do to adjust their training strategy."

Click the link below to visit the Elearning Industry website to read the article in full and find out how you can improve your online training for remote workers today.

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