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Improve Your Elearning Quality Assurance

Improve Your Elearning Quality Assurance

If you’re looking to improve your eLearning quality assurance process, why not take a look at these five fantastic tips to help take your company to the next level in 2021.

This great article, ‘5 Tips to Optimize the eLearning QA Process’, was written by Anurag Singh for Training Industry online magazine. Anurag is the inbound marketing manager at, a visual review software company that supports businesses by creating great products using the power of visual feedback. In his current role, Anurag researches and reports on eLearning development, web development collaboration, remote working and team collaboration.

The article covers a wide range of in-depth quality assurance topics, such as:

  • Agile eLearning development
  • Testing throughout the project life cycle
  • Make every stakeholder part of the process
  • Prioritize and organize issues to improve productivity
  • Make it easier to create reviews and track bugs

Anurag said:

“In recent years, eLearning development has shifted from the traditional ADDIE development process to agile development. As a result, we must also change our eLearning quality assurance (QA) process, in order to improve quality and speed up development. Let’s explore how to conduct eLearning QA testing that enables you to create and deliver excellent online courses. Every learner wants to learn and develop his or her skill set. By implementing these five tips in your eLearning quality assurance process, you will be able to create engaging online courses.”

Training Industry is recognized as the leading internet portal to the world of corporate, government and individual training. Their site is focused on Learning Communities to deliver news, articles, case studies and discuss best practices within the industry. 

Click the link to below to read the full article on their website to find out how you can improve your eLearning quality assurance today.

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