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How to Create a Diverse Workforce

How to Create a Diverse Workforce

If you’re looking to create an inclusive and diverse workforce at your business, then we have some interesting information and a great course available for you.

Richard Miller has put together a fantastic article called ‘The How and Why of Building a Diverse Workforce’ for Training Industry online magazine. Training Industry is one of the most trusted sources of information on the business of eLearning on the web. As an expert resource for online training intel, they provide the latest news and views on the best practices and approaches in the learning and development industry.

Richard’s interesting piece shines a light on some of the best actionable steps that you can take to encourage a diverse workforce and reap the benefits of an inclusive environment for all.

Key tips include:

  • Take the time to do it right
  • Strengthen relationships and cultivate inclusion
  • Seek out diversity of thought
  • Better ideas and more innovation
  • Differentiation for attracting business

Richard Miller said:

“Ultimately, there is both a moral and business incentive to enhance the diversity of your workplace. However, achieving greater diversity is a long road and requires actions at almost every stage of the hiring and management process to do correctly. As time goes on, a more inclusive workplace and diverse workforce will be able to help manage and perpetuate itself. Of course, the more you invest in this effort the more return you will see, but it must be genuine and done with total commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion for all.”

We also have our very own Developing Diverse Teams training course that can help you understand the cultural influences as you attempt to build harmonious and productive work units. Here you will learn to build a team that encourages mutual accountability, trust, problem solving, conflict management, and an appreciation for the unique contributions of all.

Click the link below to read Richard’s informative article in full over on the Training Industry website and find out how you can build a diverse workforce at your business today.

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