Handling Money

Bank tellers are expected to handle large amounts of currency quickly, efficiently and in a secure manner. In this course we look at handling money best practices for bank tellers.
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Bank tellers handle more physical money than almost any other profession. Day in and day out, you will count, handle, and process large quantities of currency. Furthermore, you are expected to do this quickly, efficiently and securely. How you count money affects both the customer’s perception of your efficiency and the bank’s security.


This module will show you techniques for counting and packing currency and highlight security procedures you should employ when handling money.


This course includes an examination.


Learning Objectives:

  • Count money using the American method
  • Discuss currency counting methods in other countries
  • Securely pack currency
  • Employ security measures to ensure your station isn’t exposed to security risks to security risks

Course Outline:

  • Money Counting Methods

o   Around the world

o   Procedures

o   Your bank

o   Electronic counting

  • Packing Currency

o   Bills

o   Coins

o   Receiving strapped currency

  • Security

o   Counterfeit bills

o   Securing a cash drawer

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