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Accroître vos aptitudes oratoires

Ce cours offre tout ce dont le communicateur professionnel a besoin pour améliorer son art oratoire et ses aptitudes en présentation orale.
From $19.50

Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career

This online course will introduce Business Etiquette principles and practices, and show you how they can be applied in typical business situations to put yourself and others at ease.
From $39.50

Business Writing: Being Effective

This course presents a time-tested approach for organizing, writing and revising a professional business message.
From $19.50

Business Writing: Letters and Emails

This course explains how to use the 3 x 3 Writing Process for routine business correspondence and will help you to improve your ability to write coherent business messages.
From $19.50

Business Writing: Preparation

This course provides a systematic approach to the writing process.
From $19.50

Business Writing: Reports and Proposals

Discover how the 3x3 writing plan can help you write top quality proposals and reports.
From $19.50
Picture of Certificat en gestion stratégique

Change Management

Effective leaders know how to develop change-friendly companies.
From $19.50
Picture of Cloud Computing: An Introduction

Cloud Computing: An Introduction

The module 'Cloud Computing: An Introduction' introduces learners to the exciting world of cloud computing.
From $34.50

Communicating as a Team

This course helps you develop more powerful, effective team communication skills, and offers valuable techniques.
From $19.50

Communicating at Work

This course will acquaint you with the dynamics of communication in the workplace and help you develop more effective communication skills. It will also teach you how to handle ethical situations in the workplace.
From $19.50

Communicating Cross Culturally

This course helps you understand the communication styles of co-workers and offers information vital to successful cross-cultural workplace communication.
From $19.50
Picture of Communicating Interpersonally

Communicating Interpersonally

This course will teach you what you need to know to communicate effectively and show you how to practice, perfect and master these skills.
From $19.50

Communicating Negative Messages

This course presents tactful, effective strategies for communicating bad or unwelcome news to others. You will learn strategies for presenting negative messages both inside and outside an organization.
From $19.50
Picture of Communicating Non Verbally

Communicating Non Verbally

This course provides an introduction to the meaning of signals projected through body language. You will learn how these signals provide clues to attitudes and feelings that can be verified with effective verbal communication.
From $19.50