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From Peer to Supervisor

This course was designed to help new supervisors address with confidence the challenges of managing their former co-workers.
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This course was designed to help new supervisors address with confidence the challenges of managing their former co-workers. The course presents three key strategies for making the transition from peer to supervisor, stresses the importance of effective communication, and explores three management responsibilities, ie. delegating, coaching and discipline, that may be especially demanding for new supervisors in their new role.

This course includes an examination.


Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the three strategies for managing the effective transition from peer to supervisor (ie. Owning the Job, Setting Boundaries and Clarifying Expectations) and apply these strategies to solve the types of problems that can arise in the transition.
  • Identify the characteristics of six different leadership styles and explain their impact on employees and the organization.
  • Explain the communication process and identify strategies for effective communication.
  • Describe the delegation process, identify the barriers to delegation and demonstrate effective approaches to delegation.
  • Identify and employ the steps in the coaching process.
  • Explain the components of the Expectancy Theory of Motivation and apply in coaching your employees toward better job performance.
  • Summarize the elements of the Progressive Discipline System and illustrate how to apply it fairly and consistently.

Course Outline:

  • Handling the Transition
    • Own the Job
    • Set Boundaries
    • Clarify Expectations
  • The Importance of Communication
    • Communication as a leadership tool
    • The process of communication
    • 10 tips for effective communication
    • Communication quiz
  • Supervising Your Team
    • Delegating, coaching and discipline can provide challenges for new supervisors
  • Delegating
    • Definition of delegating
    • Barriers to delegating
    • Video Scenarios: Delegating - Lisa and Sean
    • Benefits of delegating
    • What and what not to delegate
    • Who to delegate to
    • 5 steps in effective delegation
  • Coaching
    • Supervisor as coach
    • A 7-step coaching process
    • Coaching tips
    • The Expectancy Theory of Motivation
    • Coaching quiz
  • Discipline
    • Discipline – A Supervisor’s Responsibility
    • Progressive discipline
    • Reasons for discipline
    • Elements of progressive discipline
    • Proceeding with disciplinary action
    • 6 action steps
    • Documenting disciplinary activities
    • Be fair
  • Conclusion
    • Key points

Target Audience:

Newly Promoted Supervisors


1 hour


Mobile, audio, video



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