FCRA: Medical Rules and Affiliate Marketing

This course discusses the medical rules and affiliate marketing aspects of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
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The Fair Credit Reporting Act was established under Title VI of the Consumer Credit Protection Act to provide consumers with a method of knowing where consumer credit information is acquired and how to correct inaccurate consumer credit reporting information. In addition, it forces the consumer reporting agencies to maintain stricter control guidelines in maintaining consumer credit information.


In this course, we discuss the medical rules and affiliate marketing provisions of the FCRA.

This course includes an examination.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the FCRA rules regarding consumer reports and information sharing
  • Explain the protection of medical information requirements of the FCRA
  • Ensure bank policies and procedures regarding affiliate marketing are FCRA compliant

Course Outline:

  • Consumer Reports and Information Sharing Jurisdiction and applicability

o   Consumer reports

o   Exceptions

o   Restrictions on medical information

  • Protection of Medical Information
    • Limitations on consumer reporting agencies and creditors
    • The redisclosure of medical information
    • Obtaining and using medical information
    • The financial information exception for obtaining and using medical information
    • Other exceptions for obtaining and using medical information
    • Sharing medical information with affiliates
  • Affiliate Marketing Opt-Out

o   Solicitation for the purposes of marketing

o   Pre-existing business relationships

o   Solicitation

  • Affiliate marketing opt-out  


0.83 hours


Audio, hybrid



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