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Equitable Learning for a Diverse Workforce

Equitable Learning for a Diverse Workforce

Equitable learning is a very important part of any businesses training plan to ensure even the most diverse workforce continues to grow. That's why we thought we'd share with you this interesting article from Training Industry that offers some great tips on how you can give every employee equitable learning access to paths for advancement and growth.

Written by Kristy McCann Flynn, her article '3 Ways to Elicit High Performance in a Diverse Workforce: A Case for Equitable Learning' is the perfect piece of content to help you move your business forward in 2022. Kirsty has 15 years of experience as a strategic human resource leader, change manager, and organizational development expert. She has served in senior leadership positions throughout her career, most notably with Pearson Education and Constant Contact.

The three key equitable learning points are:

  • Accessible Learning That’s Tailored at Every Level
  • Give Them Time and They’ll Thrive
  • The Power of Positive Reinforcement

Kirsty said:

"The World Economic Forum found that wide-scale investment in upskilling has the potential to boost GDP by $6.5 trillion by 2030. Thus, it’s no secret that many companies realize it’s time to make development more accessible. Couple this with DEI remaining a top-tier issue for talent, and it’s clear that there’s an opportunity for companies to see the benefits of bringing these two concerns together."

Click the link below to read Kirsty’s article in full and find out how you can provide equitable learning for a diverse workforce today.

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