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Empowering Your People

In this course, you will examine the process of motivating and working with people that you lead.
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As a leader you are expected to delegate much of the work to others. Empowering others involves giving them authority and responsibility for each assignment. It also means that you maintain accountability for the results that are achieved.

Your success as a leader is directly related to your ability to motivate the people who report to you to achieve goals. While motivating people is a significant step towards achieving extraordinary results, leadership extends beyond motivation to managing the day-by-day activity of the people who work for you.

This course addresses building relationships with the people you lead.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the use of motivation to inspire discretionary effort.
  • Identify techniques for working with people.
  • Understand how to use incentives and discipline

Course Outline:

  • Page 2 Introduction
    • Successful leaders empower their people!
    • Learning Outcomes
  • Page 3 Motivating People
    • What is Motivation?
    • Building Relationships
    • What Drives Motivation?
    • Building Towards Motivation
    • Liberating Creativity
    • Tips for Building Trust
    • Building Trust
    • Inspiring Discretionary Effort
    • Check Your Understanding 1
    • Check Your Understanding 2
    • Check Your Understanding 3
  • Page 4. Working With People
    • Day-to-Day Leadership
    • Valuing Diversity
    • Demonstrating Respect
    • Coaching and Mentoring
    • Creating Learning Opportunities
    • Check Your Understanding
  • Page 5. Rewards and Recognition
    • Incentives
    • Celebrating Success
    • Using Praise
    • Non-Monetary Rewards
    • Using Criticism and Punishment
    • Leadership Tips
    • Check Your Understanding
  • Page 6. Conclusion
    • Summary

Target Audience:

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders


0.5 hours


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