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Employee Wellness in the Workplace

Employee Wellness in the Workplace

Considering employee wellness, especially after everything we’ve been through during the Coronavirus, has to be paramount to businesses across the world right now. That’s why we thought we’d share with you a great article on the subject and also our own Vubiz course on the matter.

Jared Narlock has put together the superb piece ‘Taking Employee Wellness Beyond an Organizational Program’ for the world-renowned Training Industry website. Jared is a talent development and engagement consultant who helps leaders find peace in pursuit of courageous leadership while building trust with their teams.

His article explores key elements that are sometimes overlooked in many organizations to ensure employee wellness goes beyond just a program, and becomes a part of workplace culture.

Deep dives on the subject include:

  • Understanding the full spectrum of emotions
  • Leaders need help too
  • Explore the connection of trust and wellness

Our Mental Health and Wellness Strategies course can help empower you to improve your own mental well-being by building resilience, also known as mental fitness. The workplace is one of the key environments that affect our mental well-being and our health. Our course, developed in cooperation with High Point Wellness Centre, focuses on four key steps to improving your mental fitness – recognizing the symptoms, identifying stressors, choosing your reaction and using 10 lifestyle habits. By learning how to use your body's response to stress and practicing lifestyle habits, you can elevate your health and performance.

Click the link below to read Jared Narlock’s full article over on the Training Industry website and find out how you can improve your employee wellness today.

Read full article here