E-Sign Act

This E-Sign Act online training course is designed for employees needing compliance and operations training. This course explores the requirements of the E-Sign Act. The Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act) was signed into law in 2000. The E-Sign Act provides the requirements for the validity of electronic records and signatures for transactions in commerce.
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This E-Sign Act online training course explores The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, more commonly known as the E-Sign Act, which applies to all banks and permits a bank to deliver disclosures, information or other paperwork that are required by regulation, law or statute to be provided in writing, electronically, so long as the consumer has affirmatively consented to receive the information electronically and has not withdrawn consent. This course will provide details on the requirements of the E-Sign Act.

Course Learning Objectives

By taking this online E-Sign Act course, the user will learn: to

  • Provide a consumer or person with the required information to consent electronically
  • Ensure the bank has procedures in place to demonstrate accessibility
  • Retain records to prove compliance with the E-Sign Act

Course Outline

This online E-Sign Act course is made up of the following sections:

  1. Requirements
  2. Accuracy, Accessibility, and Record Retention
  3. Compliance Regulations and E-Sign

Course Audience

This Online E-Sign Act training course was designed for bank employees; specifically compliance and operations personnel as well as customer-facing staff. 

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Course Language English
Length Range 30 Minutes or Less
Length (Hours) 0.3
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